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How We Generated Our B2B Client $348,000 In Pipeline in 35 Days Using Hyper-Targeted Outreach

Without Paid Advertising or Unreliable Inbound-Marketing

Case Studies

Avaans Media

10 Meetings Within First 35 Days and $348k in Added Pipeline

The Challenge:
Before working together, Avaans Media was reliant on inbound marketing and their own in-house outreach, both of which were not scaling well, preventing them from growing their clientele.
The Solution:
After working with Avaans, we built an automated outbound system that we could scale and predictably generate lead flow to help them bring on more clients and scale.
The Results:
- Meeting Booked Within the First 48 Hours
- $345k+ In Added Pipeline
- 10 Sales Meetings with Ideal Prospects
"I think what's been great about working with you guys is not just that we’ve booked 10 calls already that prospects have shown up to, but that we’ve been collaborative in working together about how those calls went, what happens to your processes, what happens on my end. It has been a very collaborative partnership that has been fruitful in all ways." - Tara

Strategy Achievers

$119,000 Added to Pipeline Within 58 Days

"The quality of the leads are good which is often with these outreach companies that everybody is the best all the time and I tried many of them and most of the time there was little to nothing and, and that's different with SeekDigital." - PascalThe Challenge:
Before we started working together Pascal was struggling with low quality leads despite spending hours of his own time every day doing outreach. At SeekDigital we wanted to get Pascal his time back so he could focus more time on his clients.
The Solution:
Since Strategy Achievers was already utilizing outreach methods in-house, we analyzed their current methods and angles while testing new opportunities to improve the success, quality and volume of the outreach campaigns.
The Results:
- Multiple Meetings Booked in Under 2 Weeks
- $119,000 in Added Pipeline Value in Under 2 Months.
- Time Saved on Outreach

Growing Pains Marketing

Closing a Client On a Retainer Basis In Only 29 Days!

The Challenge:
Before working with us, GPM was struggling to keep their pipeline full and get in front of more prospects each month. Being in a highly competitive market that, we knew it would be a challenge.
The Solution:
Coming up with unique offers anf angles to position GPM differently from their competition.
The Results:
- Client Signed on a Retainer Basis Within the First 29 Days
- Predictable Outbound System in Place
“I didn't have any kind of outbound strategy that was working and I didn't really have anything that I could rely on to bring in calls consistently, especially without me going out and doing a ton of work." - Isaac

$283,500 Added In Long-Term Pipeline Value in 8 Weeks

“SeekDigital is great at what they do. They provide high-quality leads and are very transparent about their process. I highly recommend them!" - Pieter, CEO of a B2B PR Firm


Quick Onboarding

A streamlined onboarding process to get the information necessary to see success!Day 1

Outbound System

We'll build you an automated outbound system custom to your needs.Days 1-3

Targeted Lead List

You'll receive a database of thousands of your ideal prospects based on your requirements.Days 4-6

Effective Messaging

We'll build for you effective messaging, testing many different angles that all resonate with your target market.Days 7-11

Clear Communication

We keep consistent communication at all times to make sure the results from the campaigns are as optimized as possible.Days 12-14

The Meetings Begin

Once the outbound system is live, you will see meetings almost immediately!Day 15

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